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Palisade security fencing installed by experienced Perth based team

For ultimate peace of mind, Palisade security fencing is widely regarded to be the most effective anti-intruder high-security solution on the market.
Palisade fencing is constructed using heavy-duty rolled steel posts, individually fixed to steel rails with anti-tamper bolts, providing maximum protection for sensitive areas. With 3mm thick “W” profile palings individually attached with anti-tamper fixings, they offer more security than traditional chain mesh fencing and Garrison fencing.

Typically, you’ll see palisade fencing across Perth and wider WA in restricted spaces such as dangerous goods facilities, infrastructure with high-value items, power stations, train stations and facilities with high-level break-ins.
Made from Australian steel, Palisade security fencing is an immediate deterrent to intruders, with anti-climb surfaces and three-prong spike-tipped pickets available in straight or curved top variants, the latter offering extra protection.
Palisade security fencing can be topped with razor wire or electric fence extensions, and can also be supplied with an anti-dig concrete strip footing when maximum security is required.

Like chain mesh and garrison security fencing, palisade security fencing can be manufactured to your requirements and is available in a wide range of heights, panel widths, specifications and finishes.
Common heights are 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm and 3000mm, but we can also design and customise bespoke palisade security fencing depending on your needs.

FenceWright also offers concrete anti-dig plinths with the supply and installation of your new palisade security fence. Anti-dig plinth can be custom designed to suit your requirements of depth and width.

Customisable to suit any space, Palisade fencing is available in a range of finishes such as powder coated and hot-dip galvanised.
Given it is designed to permanently protect an area, palisade fencing is built to last. Once installed it requires very little ongoing maintenance and comes with the peace of mind in knowing that your fenced area, whether it’s in the South West, Perth or the Kimberley, is well secured.

FenceWright is a trusted provider of palisade security fencing throughout Australia, from design through to supply and install. As there is currently no Australian Standard for Palisade Fencing, Karlka Fencewright ensure all our palisade security fencing is manufactured, supplied and installed in accordance with the British Standard BS1722

We have also spent considerable time with clients such as Perth Transport Authority, Western Power, Horizon Power, Atco Gas, Water Corp and others to custom design a suitable specification for their project requirements. If required we can tailor a Palisade specification that meets and exceeds your project needs.

For all your Perth metro and regional WA Palisade security fencing needs, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner-owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.

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