There’s a reason you see chain mesh fencing all over Perth and across Western Australia, protecting valuable assets and keeping intruders out.

Also known as cyclone mesh, chain wire or chain link fencing, chain mesh fencing is renowned for being robust, flexible and cost-effective, used for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

With a range of sizes, heights and thicknesses available, chain mesh fencing is a highly versatile solution. It can also be reinforced and augmented with additional features such gates, heavy-duty posts and wire. These include horizontal bracing wire, barb wire and razor wire extensions and coatings such as powdercoated pipe and PVC coated wire.

Often, you’ll see chain mesh fencing in schools, parks, car parks, sports centres, warehouses, and construction/mine sites around Perth and greater WA. Extremely cheap yet simple to install, chain mesh fencing will maximise safety with a minimum spend – and it’s easy to repair.


When protection is a high priority, high-security chain mesh fencing can be topped with rows of barbed wire, which can be extended using cranked or double cranked extensions. For added security, razor wire can be installed instead.

Both 2.50mm and 3.15mm wire diameters are available, for more heavy-duty commercial requirements. Chain mesh fencing can be supplied with hot-dip galvanised posts and PVC coated wire for added longevity in harsher climates and landscapes. Galvanised chain mesh wire is the more economical choice. PVC coated will be more expensive but will assist in protecting your fence wire against the elements, rust and corrosion, and is recommended for coastal locations and marine environments.

Chain mesh fencing is an economical and effective industrial solution for factories, warehouses and mine and construction sites throughout Perth metro and regional Australia. Common applications include protecting dangerous goods, segregating pedestrian walkways, creating deterrent barriers around valuable goods and as a perimeter fence to secure and delineate your property and its boundaries.

Chain mesh is also commonly used by schools, councils and sporting centres to secure ovals, cricket pitches, tennis courts, netball and basketball courts, and multi-purpose sports courts. Karlka Fencewright can provide advice and tailor a chain mesh specification to use based on your application and specific requirements.


Mine Site Fencing

FenceWright has used chainmesh fencing in a wide range of applications on minesites all over Australia. From high security chainmesh security fencing for explosive storage facilities to tennis courts to walkway pedestrian management fences, chainmesh fencing is a versatile and adaptable solution.

Internal Fencing

FenceWright supply and install the full range of chainmesh fencing internally. Internal chainmesh partitions/fencing are an effective, secure method of segregating areas within a factory/warehouse, delineating dangerous goods/areas or simply to create an additional level of security for valuable goods within a warehouse.

Sporting Fencing

FenceWright supply and install chainmesh fencing to various sporting applications.

These include;

  • Perimeter chainmesh fences for ovals, sporting complexes
  • Chainmesh cricket practise wickets
  • Chainmesh tennis/netball courts (typically 3600mm high)
  • Chainmesh structures for backdrops for baseball/softball

Capability Statement

Australian Standards

FenceWright is a trusted provider of chain mesh security fencing in and throughout Australia, from design through to supply and install. All our chain mesh fencing conforms to the relevant Australian standards. For all your Perth metro and regional WA chain mesh security fencing needs, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.

  • Commercial Chainmesh Security Fencing
  • High Security Chainmesh Fencing
  • Mine Site Chainmesh Fencing
  • Internal compound and cage Chainmesh Fencing
  • Sports Chainmesh Fencing
  • Prison Management Chainmesh Fencing

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