Welded Mesh Fencing

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Sleek and secure, Weldmesh fencing is employed when the maximum perimeter security is desired. Also known as anti-climb mesh, securemesh or 358 mesh, Weldmesh fencing lives up to its name, with its mesh apertures far too small to provide any foot or handholds. As the mesh fits tightly together, welded mesh fencing is durable, and it is nearly impossible to penetrate using basic hand tools.

The welded mesh refers to the panels being spot-welded wherever they intersect. With a low-impact appearance, welded mesh fencing allows for greater perimeter vision and camera surveillance, exposing any intruders and making them think twice about trespassing at all.

With its streamlined, metallic appearance, welded mesh fencing is often chosen because it is neat and easily incorporated.

Weldmesh is typically found in Perth and rural Australia in restricted spaces such as dangerous goods facilities, infrastructure with high-value items, power stations, train stations, facilities with a high level of break-ins, detention centres and prisons.


Welded mesh fencing can be upgraded for added security by using straight or cranked extensions, topped with a plain, barbed, razor or electrified wire. When combined with an anti-dig concrete strip footing, Weldmesh fencing is one of the highest security options on the market.

Adaptable to a variety of different applications, Weldmesh security fencing is available in a range of heights, specifications and finishes. Karlka Fencewright can also design custom welded mesh security fencing depending on the needs of your Perth or country-based project.

If you need an entry point, Karlka Fencewright can manufacture and design custom fabricated gates for your weld mesh security fence, available in sliding, cantilever and swinging variants and either manual or automated operation.


Weld Mesh fencing is available in a range of heights, specifications and finishes. Karlka Fencewright can design, fabricate a Weld Mesh solution that will suit your security fencing requirements.

We can offer a wide range of powdercoated colours or alternatively we can supply in a hot dip galvanised finish compliant with AS4680.

Karlka Fencewright also offers custom-fabricated gates to complement your new Weld Mesh security fence. Available in both sliding and swinging designs with a choice of manual or automated operations.


Karlka Fencewright is a trusted provider of Weldmesh security fencing throughout Australia, from design to supply and installation. As there is currently no Australian Standard for Weldmesh Fencing, Karlka Fencewright works closely with our clients to derive a specification that meets and exceeds the project requirements. Karlka Fencewright can provide an engineered certification if required

For all your Perth metro and regional WA Weldmesh security fencing needs, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner-owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.


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