Expert Perth based team servicing remote fencing projects across the state

Karlka FenceWright has facilitated some of Australia’s largest remote location security projects.

Working in remote locations can be difficult for myriad reasons. We understand the intricate logistical coordination required to successfully manage a remote project and have a proven track record in delivering end-to-end fencing solutions to remote sites for major clients.
Products we can supply remotely include:

There are many issues implicit with remote work across regional Western Australia, including difficult ground conditions, wild animals interfering and unpredictable or extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s sourcing materials from Perth depots or working with regional mine leases, Karlka FenceWright can help with your business’s next remote project.

Our Perth based team has the experience and equipment necessary to navigate remote projects throughout the state, from down-the-hole hammer drills to penetrate solid rock, to rural and wildlife proof fencing and cyclone tie-downs.

With a robust supply chain, Karlka FenceWright’s comprehensive safety and project management systems combined with proven expertise in the successful delivery of numerous large, remote area fencing projects make us the preferred choice for projects in Perth and beyond, across the nation.

We have a large fleet of mine site compliant vehicles and gear, as well as a fully-equipped and qualified Perth based team, accustomed to the unique challenges presented by working on a remote project.

This team includes a QHSE Officer, Mobilisation Coordinator, Document Control Officer, Operations Manager and Project Manager. Together, they ensure all our remote projects are complete on time and under budget, either meeting or exceeding strict deadlines, and maintaining an open stream of communication from start to sign off.

Our products are rigorously tested with stringent quality control and conform to all relevant Australian Standards, as well as the exhaustive OH&S requirements of the mining and construction industry.

For remote location security fencing throughout regional WA, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.
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